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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dubree Hut Step-by-Step Construction 2

Dubree Hut Step-by-Step Construction 2

1. Step One - Locate a good spot. Seeing how there wasn't very many trees around, here's a spot that has logs and a few sticks to use as a frame and bark for the roofing.

2. Step Two - Build the frame. Logs make a good main frame and the sticks fill in the rest. It's hard to see but there's a good slope to the left for the roof to allow rain to run off.

3. Step Three - Cover the roof with bark using the shingle method.

4. Step Four - Put down some bedding like pine needles or pine bows, then make a small doorway and climb in and enjoy.

This shelter was a good example of building in an area with fewer trees and using bark instead of pine bows.

Note: Remember to take a look at the posts on "wilderness survival shelter criteria" and "3 components of a dubree hut" to see all the steps and check if this student followed them.

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