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Monday, May 25, 2009

Step-by-Step Construction of Dubree Huts - 1

Step-by-Step Construction of Dubree Huts -1

Note: Remember to take a look at the posts on "wilderness survival shelter criteria" and "3 components of a dubree hut" to see all the steps and check if this student followed them.

1. Step One - Find a good location and build the frame. This student found a great spot that had losts of material readily available, along with the main frame already there from the downed logs.

2. Step Two - Finsh the frame and door. She finished piling sticks on for the frame. Almost overkill, but they were there and easy to thrown on. Nice door header.

3. Step Three - Cover up the frame. In this case she used tree bows as the were plentyful.

4. Step Four - Put down bedding. More pine bows will work fine here, now climb in, pull the packpack in the doorway and enjoy.
By knowing and following the basic shelter criteria, this student was able to pick a good spot and build this shelter in a quick and easy way. We'll take a look at some more shelters in future posts.

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