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Monday, August 31, 2009

Examples of Dubree Huts in 2 Different Climates

Examples of Dubree Huts in 2 Different Climates

Example 1 - Here's a dubree hut in an area of Ponderosa Pine and grass (a little more dry of an area). This student was a technical guy, I think a computer programmer. Look at the precision of his frame work (it doesn't have to look that nice).

In this area there wasn't alot of pine bows so he used bark mostly for the roofing. Usually in an area where's there Ponderosa Pine there's lost of bark. He saved what pine bows he could find mostly for his bedding.

Example 2 - Here's one built in a more wooded area with alot of Douglas Fir.

With more trees, this student used pine bows and pine needles for the roofing and bedding.

If you noticed both shelters where built as an A-Frame design.

Note: Remember to take a look at the posts on "wilderness survival shelter criteria" and "3 components of a dubree hut" to see all the steps and check if this student followed them.

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