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Friday, September 18, 2009

Accessorize For Life With A Pocket Survival Kit

By Steve Thibeault

Many people have nightmares about being stranded in the wilderness, lost or possibly injured or incapacitated. Many of the largest cities in the United States are very close to wilderness areas. This does not mean that they are in very remote areas, such as the Rocky Mountains, as you can find a wilderness area in a large variety of different environments, and in the majority of counties in each state.

When venturing out into the wilderness, a pocket survival kit is essential. This kit contains a collection of important survival tools to help you in an emergency. You might be a casual backpacker, somebody who hunts as a hobby, someone who enjoys hiking, or an adventure snowmobiler in the winter. Even pilots of one or two seater aircraft should make sure that they are prepared for every eventuality.

A pocket survival kit can be carried on your person for any and every eventuality. As its name suggests, you can carry it in your pocket or on your person. The kit is waterproof and can float. It can be easily opened and easily re-sealed.

One of the great things about a pocket survival kit is that it contains a variety of versatile and robust components, designed specifically to help you in almost every eventuality. You will find tools designed for specific functions, but also a variety of instruments that allow you to improvise if you absolutely must, to survive.

Two key components of a pocket survival kit are stainless steel utility wire and a scalpel blade. Like the wire, the blade is made of stainless steel and comes sealed in foil. Stronger than brass, the utility wire measures up to 6 feet.

Sometimes you will need to make a camp should you be stuck in the outback overnight. In this case, should you need to make a fire, a lens magnifier is included within the pocket survival kit. When you need to put a shelter together, a braided nylon cord is included and heavy-duty aluminum foil will help you to cook, boil water or to reflect heat.

Unfortunately, some people get stranded in the wilderness for a long period of time. In this case, your pocket survival kit has a number of useful items to help you catch fish -- hooks, sinkers and swivels. Other items will help you expedite repairs and keep everything together, such as a sewing needle or a safety pin.

In an extreme situation, you may become incapacitated, in which case your companions can quickly and easily view the contents of your pocket survival kit, clearly visible through the packet. In addition to its contents, the kit contains complete survival instructions to help you all get through your nightmare.

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