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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Call on Your Resources For Survival

By Steve Thibeault

If you like to get it away for a weekend, or if you are a hunter, an outdoorsmen or a trekker, for example you should never leave things to chance and make sure that you have all your skills available if something should go wrong. Whilst we never like to think that it could happen, you never know when you will need to draw on all your resources for survival if you get lost or stranded.

If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself lost or stranded in a remote place, one of the first things to remember is that you must not panic. You will need to control the thoughts that are racing through your head, remain calm and compile a list of the necessary resources for survival to help you out.

In an emergency situation, a wilderness shelter should be one of your first tasks when calculating resources for survival. Pick a great location in a safe position away from potential hazards. Consider the risk of flooding and look for an area that has building materials to make your task easier. Keep your shelter away from nasty crawling or flying insects.

Understand that when you're building a wilderness shelter you do not need to go overboard. Your own energy is one of the greatest resources for survival and you should make sure that you do not expend too much by building some kind of palatial shelter when all you need is something just large enough to fit your body.

Experts who have been in your situation -- getting lost and living to tell the tale, will always advise you to get as much cover and insulation as you can, wherever you are forced to stay. You will find that an inbuilt will to survive and common sense are your principal resources for survival in this situation. It doesn't matter if you are in a cold and wet environment or a hot one, you must protect yourself from outside elements. Prepare your survival shelter so that it is well insulated and you don't have to lie on a cold wet floor Prepare your bedding out of leaves and small branches.

In a really hostile environment, such as one where roaming animals at night could pose a danger, you will need to light a fire. For centuries now man has been relying on fire as one of his greatest resources for survival. Whilst lighting one used to be quite a task, these days don't forget to travel with your supply of fire sticks to get it going.

You may well be an experienced adventurer, but even so before you set out on any expedition remember to study and research all the resources for survival that are available on the web. Websites exist that are specifically made for the outdoors man and will provide a great source of information on outdoor survival so that you leave your home well prepared.

The construction of an adequate shelter will be your first job if you find that you are stranded and/or lost and realize that you must stay in place, possibly overnight, to either await rescue or to allow the bright light of day to help you plan your escape.

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