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Monday, September 7, 2009

Downed Log Wilderness Survival Shelter

Downed Log Wilderness Survival Shelter

Here's a dubree hut that was built over a downed log. What a great wilderness survival shelter using what you find (i.e a downed log).

Step 1 - Lay a couple of long poles across the downed log. Then start laying branches across the poles like an A-Frame.

Step 2 - Finsh laying branches along the A-Frame and a few to close up the doorway. Look at that header for the doorway. I've never seen a stronger doorway.

Step 3 - Cover the shelter with pine bows and pine needles, etc...

Step 4 - Now lay down some pine bows for bedding and climb in and plug the door.

Now that's a nice shelter.

Note: Remember to take a look at the posts on "wilderness survival shelter criteria" and "3 components of a dubree hut" to see all the steps and check if this student followed them.

See you on the trail,

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