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Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Importance Of First Aid Kits

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By Quinn Harris

Accidents happen when people least expect them. Thus, the best advice to give is to be always prepared for the inevitable to make its effects less serious and more manageable.

It's important to have a first aid kit in areas where you or your family usually stays. You should have a first aid kit in your house, in your car, and even in your office. You can never tell when accidents will occur, so at least you're always prepared.

There are pharmacies and other establishments selling ready-made first aid kits. However, preparing your own first aid kit can be better because you know what the possibilities in your horizon are in terms of accidents. Another reason why it is better to have your own first aid kit is because when there is an emergency, you know what is in your kit and you can easily get that item for whoever needs it.

A first aid kid need not be expensive for as long it contains the basic medicine and medical supplies that are commonly used for minor injuries requiring first aid. You can choose to buy the items all at one time or you can acquire them in batches. Later on, you will be able to build a suitable first aid kit,

Your kit should have medical supplies like cotton, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and bandages. For general requirements around the house or when going camping, you need an insect repellent, aloe Vera cream or gel for sunburns, pain relievers, basic medicines for head and stomach aches, diarrhea or irregular bowel movements and your doctor's number.

A family that usually goes on picnics or go travelling using the family car or recreational vehicle should carry with them a first aid kit. The first aid kit for travelers should be waterproof, easy to access and the medicines are easily identifiable. Since it will be used for travel, the first aid kit should be light and easy to carry. It would be an advantage it the first aid kit has compartmentalized pockets and the latter have the names of the items inside the pockets.

The first aid kid must always be clean, and the drugs updated. You can make a list of the contents of the first aid kit so it would be easier for you to know what's inside. It's also very important that you take note of the expiration dates of the drugs since you wouldn't want to give an expired medication to a person.

When you prepare the kit, you should always consider the needs of your family members, especially for those who have special medical needs or who have drug allergies.

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