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Saturday, March 24, 2012

The necessity of First Aid

By Quentin Gosforth

Ensuring you have adequate amounts of first aiders to cover your workforce is imperative to ensure you are working in accordance to the health and safety laws. Sometimes health and safety can be seen as a pain in the you know what, and an unnecessary task and therefore not taken seriously.

Of course there are varying levels of first aid, and certain work environments will require it more seriously than others. For example any factory based industrial units work places will have a vast amount of hazards and risks involved in day to day working. Their first aiders will be involved much more frequently than say a first aider working in an office. This is a sweeping statement of course, and there are always the exceptions.

With the amount of claims that are being made nowadays, it is imperative that you ensure your business is covered on the health and safety front. There are strict rules about ensuring health and safety policies are in place and that all risks are noticed and noted. Making your workplace as safe as possible will decrease the need of a first aider.

Becoming a first aider is not something that should be taken lightly. The responsibility is quite great and you are relied upon to deal with situations calmly and effectively. Although first aiders are not medically trained, they will be trained to understand how to deal with certain situations and are there to lead and delegate should something serious happen.

So do not dismiss the need for first aiders within your workplace, it is a requirement that cannot be ignored. They are there to assist in the safety of your employees and to ensure you are abiding by the health and safety laws so if you don't feel 'in the know' regarding your health and safety, visit the HSE website today.

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