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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Learn To Filter Water To Enhance Outdoor Survival Skills

English: Illustration (cutaway view) of rapid ...Image via WikipediaLearn To Filter Water To Enhance Outdoor Survival Skills

Outdoor survival skills are extremely important if you should become lost or stranded out in the wilderness.  Finding water is one of the greatest survival skills you can learn, but what happens if the water is dirty and unfit for consumption?  It is important to learn how to filter water.

It is important to know that filtering water is not the same as purifying water making it safe for drinking, but in an emergency, this outdoor survival skill can be extremely useful.

When the best water available is muddy water, you will need a filter to clean the water.  Filtering water removes all visible dirt particles making it safer for drinking.  This does not remove microbes and bacteria from the water, but often it can make the water taste better.

To filter water, you must begin with a container.  A bottle will work well.  Cut the bottom off of the jug and use similarly to a funnel.  Using a can will work, too.  Poke several holes in the bottom of the can with your pocket knife, for best results.  Then let the water fall through the holes and into a separate clean container.

There are several methods to filter water in the wilderness.  Here is another option for you to consider during an emergency.  Strain the water through a cloth or piece of clothing over a container.  This may remove some particles.

Use what nature provides.  If you have rocks and sand, alternate these in layers to make a filter.  The more layers you have, the better.

Make a cone from bark if you can't find some other type of container.  Layer the rocks and sand inside the cone.  Tie the bottom of the cone together with string,  Placing small rocks on the bottom of the cone as the last layer will help hold the bark together.

Use both fine and coarse layers in the filter, alternating between the two.  At the bottom of the cone, you will need to stop the sand from pouring through.  This isn't difficult.  Use grass that is not poisonous, several pebbles, or a piece of cotton material.

Pour collected water through the filter.  Catch the water in a container after it has gone through the filter.  If the water is not clear, pass it through the filter again.  Repeat until the water runs clear.

Again, it is important to know that just because the water is clear, does not make the water completely safe to drink.  The water still needs to be purified.  The water may contain tiny bacteria that can pass through the filter.

Knowing how to filter water is a vital outdoor survival skill.  Keep yourself alive by making sure water is safe for consumption and staying hydrated until you can get the help you need.  Even if filtering water isn't as healthy as purification, it can be a step closer to water that is safer for drinking.  Practice this valuable skill before you actually need it.  It could really save your life.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Top Advantages To Possess An Emergency First Aid Kit

English: first-aid kit Polski: apteczka pierws...Image via Wikipedia
By Mick Stevens

If someone became ill or sick and you had no access to supplies how would you handle the situation? Not many people can cope without getting panicked or stressed. It is always important to be prepared for any situation no matter where you are or what the condition. You want to make sure that you have an emergency first aid kit should the occasion warrants it. Even if you have one at home you should make sure that you take one with you. You do not want to go anywhere without it.

When you are travelling you can benefit from having one inside of your car. Most contain the basic necessities. Alcohol swabs, Band-Aids, gauze, disinfectants are what are included. The smallest units can be kept in your glove compartment. If you feel that you need something larger than it can always be kept in the trunk.

Small children and even ones that are older do not realize the risks that they often take. As a parent, friend, or loved one you can help to make sure that you can come to the rescue when they fall, get hurt, or scraped. Even insect bites and stings can be a medical problem. If you are protected now it decreases panic later.

If you live in an area where natural disasters occur frequently you may want to own a few kits for yourself or family members. Hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods can change your life in an instant. You might be required to evacuate. Government help can take a while to get to your region. Power outages happen often. In a medical situation these health kits can be a lifeline for you in your time of need.

People want to escape from the everyday stress of work, school, and other daily activities. A vacation is the answer for most. Whether it is a short weekend trip or an extended stay everyone looks forward to the trip. A kit can be needed even more so when one takes a trip. If you are going to an unknown area or get sick you might want items that can relieve your pain.

An emergency first aid kit can be a life saver. It helps save you time when a medical situation occurs. No matter where you are or go you should have access to kits.

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