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Monday, June 25, 2012

Survival Tips: When Your Outdoor Escapade Fails

By Nick Bucek

Finding yourself in the wilderness and taking pleasure in nature is an excellent means of spending your vacation. The wild can be perilous when matters aren't followed according to plan, but is also very exciting. The most effective method is to be ready for this sort of circumstance to happen. Strange things happen and you have no clue when you may get lost, stuck, hurt, or have to stay for a longer period due to climatic conditions. In case you are in a group, always keep in contact with them so that you ensure your safety. No matter the reason, a survival bracelet is really desirable as you'll discover later on.

Be sure that other people know the places you went and when you should get back even though you intend to only be in the wild for a while. If you don't come back, they know when and where to begin searching. Dress in layers at all times so you're able to add or remove clothes as needed. It may get very warm or chilly within a few hours out there, so be well prepared.

You should always carry a survival pack with necessities. Your supplies should include plenty of water or water purification tablets, dry food, a first aid kit, a cell phone, compass, emergency flares, and a flashlight. It is very important that you stay hydrated and alert if you become lost in the wild. If you are with other people, make sure everyone stays together and talk yourselves through the situation. Make sure you secure a safe place to sleep if it appears that you may be there throughout the night.

As mentioned earlier, having a survival bracelet, also known as a paracord bracelet is extremely important. In dire situations, it can even be your lifeline. To illustrate, the bracelet can become a harness when you have to descend atop a ravine. If someone is attacked by a dangerous animal such as a snake, you can use it as a lash that can be used in first aid. Can a survival bracelet actually do all of these things? It's quite short and appears to be merely an ornament. In reality, the bracelet can stretch to roughly 3 meters when disentangled. In a survival situation, a lot of things can be done with a three-meter piece of string.

What a great place to explore and get back to nature the wilderness is. It gives us a break from our busy lives. But things don't always go according to plan and people do get lost. By always being ready, you will have the best chance of survival.

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Want to find out more about survival gear and the survival bracelet? Then visit Nick Bucek's site for more information.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Essential Equipment to Pack in Your Camping Pack for an Short Duration Camp

By Danvi Bansum

Getting away for even a short camping trek is an efficient way to beat the strain of our day-to-day lives and experience the beauty and bounty of nature. The word camping is reminiscent of green and dense woods, campfires, bush craft, hiking, canoeing and youth adventures; but if you analyze it then every single part mentioned above could be dodgy.

You might easily get yourself in trouble or at the very least these activities would seem to have the prospects of causing it. Therefore, it's vital that you do adequate research before quickly jumping right into the lap of Mother Nature, for she can, infrequently, be brutal too!

It is important that you go well prepared and supplied in order to avoid minor scrapes from turning into serious wounds. Here's a list of all things you've got to pack in your bag before you start on a venturesome trip:

First Aid Kit: We have all been educated about its utility since kindergarten and well know its importance too. But still the poor thing is sometimes forgotten, neglected or deemed insignificant. The first aid kit is one thing that you may need anywhere and anytime, especially in the badlands. You should buy a pre-packaged kit or make one of your own. Make certain to include Band-Aids, bandages, hand sanitizer, mosquito repellants, and painkillers such as Aspirin, disinfectant cream, burn salve, an athletic tape, tweezers, thermometer and a pair of scissors.

Pocket Knife: The most functional and versatile apparatus on an excursion is a knife. It can get you food, free your trapped leg, collect firewood and even save your life! The permutations of using this great hardware are endless and it occupies a nominal space in your pocket.

Lighter: Once in the woods, you would certainly realize that fire remains the best human discovery of all time. But if you thought of carrying matches along then think again. That small box of fire starters is totally useless if it becomes wet (striking stones is a primitive technique and well, it is extremely difficult to start a fire with them). Don't forget to carry a lighter along. It is sturdy and essential.

Warm Clothing: Do remember to keep some warm clothes irrespective of what time of year it is. Mother Nature is not fussy and can send rain, thunderstorms or snow down your way.

Flashlight: There is little worse than getting lost in the woods and that coupled with darkness is the ideal recipe for a perilous mishap. Don't forget to carry a flashlight or wear a head light. These will help you in making your way thru the forest or get rediscovered by your group. They can also be used to send signals to the people that may be keeping an eye open for you.

About the Author:

Danvi Bansum is a wilderness bush craft and survival skills enthusiast. He's worried that many of us do not have even basic bush craft and survival skills and is keen to inspire folk to learn the basics. He recommends taking a bush craft course.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Think About Your Emergency Plan

By Ally Hooks

Most people have a tendency to escape and flee from bad and evil things in life and hoping that they will not experience the natural calamities and disasters, taking no actions or plans and preparation to combat the dangers and devastations these may bring. On the other hand, if you worry too much on danger and disaster it can easily make you fearful and anxious.

Instead of showing severe and extreme fear and terror, that's a definite certainty that accidents are unavoidable. It could be wise to make a rather more concrete and sound plan for such an occurrence and turmoil. By taking this advice you’ll have the finest stability, you'll have a reasonable plan in place, which should protect you and your folks in order that you can take effective fast action and not let it control your daily existence.

It is necessary and essential to have a tailored bullet point plan; a scheme that has been carefully considered in your awareness that may include an appropriate kind survival gear and apparatus that is suitable for your way of life. This basically may need consideration to buying some basic applicable items or a kit.

Fearful thoughts and feelings can drain your mental even physical strength when focusing on safety and protection. It has been taught and instilled in our human mind to always be prepared. It is our instinct to guard and protect families and ourselves.

Your preparation is not only the answer to safety and survival. Daily simple routines and habits will be beneficial to your normal and regular life in several ways too, but when it comes down to safety and survival, number of guidance and preparation are important. Take the example of a tsunami or strong quake.

An emergency disaster and calamity plan together with an excellent survival kit and other survival gear can definitely make a remarkable difference in handling the situation. Those paraphernalia won't simply be for your ego and 'feel good ' state, but are necessary and useful for any harmful and dreadful occurrences.

Formulating a suitable preparation will need some thoughts and ideas. Take a seat with a paper and pen and make a list of all the real possibility scenarios that can happen to you and your family and rank their extremity. What is your geo location and what historic calamities have or could occur regionally or where you can travel? As an example if you live in CA or NYC then your disaster plan would be totally different. Are you planning for a tremor or the worst winter on record? These are the few things that are to be considered.

Learning and knowing the likelihood of diverse calamities, you can start to appreciate and visualize what survival plan should look like and what appropriate survival gear is suitable.

When considering about what essential and important survival items you may need to purchase it's quite likely that you're going to need some kind of survival first aid kit. This is very vital and necessary in any disaster or calamity and it is a must to have one. There are lots of good and high-quality designed survival first aid kits that are excellent for many tragedies from the essential to all its contents however you’ve got to choose the correct and easy to handle, nonetheless having right survival plan is useless.

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Learn more about the benefits of having First Aid Kit in your home, workplace, when traveling and even in the car in this website Emergency First Aid Kit.

Friday, June 1, 2012

One Year Food Storage Can Be Invaluable In An Emergency

English: Canned foods, in the grocery store fo...

By Heather Grismer

Planning for one year food storage is a great way to prepare for emergencies that may arise in an unstable economy. Creating a supply is important for many reasons. The prepared supply can be helpful in case of hard times. It is difficult to predict the loss of a job, a severe illness or extreme weather conditions. Having a well thought out and planned supply of foods can help ease the stress created by these unpredictable situations.

When beginning to undertake a food storage start with small steps. First make a plan. Consider the need of the individual or family that the supply is for. Think about any special dietary restrictions or needs of those who will depend on this supply. This would include infants, elderly members of a family and those with allergies or other medical needs.

Next start with a short term plan. Consider the foods that are frequently eaten by the household. Start with adding foods that are already on the grocery shopping list. Next time in the store add an extra jar of peanut butter or another can of soup or vegetables to the cart. Pick these items up when they are on sale. Purchase items that can be easily rotated through ones pantry and quickly one will have a few months’ supply of food on hand. Check the expiration dates on foods bought at the grocery store and rotate them accordingly.

Dry pack canning is an excellent option for long term storage of some items. Make note that not all foods can be packaged in this manner. A few foods like dried beans, flour and sugar are commonly packaged in this way. Foods canned like this can be stored anywhere from five years up to twenty years on a shelf.

Planning where to store a year supply is just as important. A pantry is not the ideal space for a years supply of consumables. Large amounts of food can be bulky and take up a lot of space. A dry and cool space is usually the best option for preserving canned items. Make a space in the basement or in a closet that is dedicated to prepared supplies. If space is limited think out of the box. Store items under beds or cribs and in spaces that are not filled with other items.

Having a prepared one year food storage plan is a step towards emergency preparedness. Start with small step and try not to get discouraged. Taking daily steps will slowly build the items that are needed in order to be prepared when the time comes.

About the Author:

Everybody understands that life changes quickly, and thus it's a wise decision to invest in one year food storage kits to ensure you're prepared in a flood, blizzard or other crisis. Widespread catastrophes typically result in severe shortages of safe food and water, and thus it's vital to lay away adequate reserves to sustain you and your family for a long time.
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