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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Essential Equipment to Pack in Your Camping Pack for an Short Duration Camp

By Danvi Bansum

Getting away for even a short camping trek is an efficient way to beat the strain of our day-to-day lives and experience the beauty and bounty of nature. The word camping is reminiscent of green and dense woods, campfires, bush craft, hiking, canoeing and youth adventures; but if you analyze it then every single part mentioned above could be dodgy.

You might easily get yourself in trouble or at the very least these activities would seem to have the prospects of causing it. Therefore, it's vital that you do adequate research before quickly jumping right into the lap of Mother Nature, for she can, infrequently, be brutal too!

It is important that you go well prepared and supplied in order to avoid minor scrapes from turning into serious wounds. Here's a list of all things you've got to pack in your bag before you start on a venturesome trip:

First Aid Kit: We have all been educated about its utility since kindergarten and well know its importance too. But still the poor thing is sometimes forgotten, neglected or deemed insignificant. The first aid kit is one thing that you may need anywhere and anytime, especially in the badlands. You should buy a pre-packaged kit or make one of your own. Make certain to include Band-Aids, bandages, hand sanitizer, mosquito repellants, and painkillers such as Aspirin, disinfectant cream, burn salve, an athletic tape, tweezers, thermometer and a pair of scissors.

Pocket Knife: The most functional and versatile apparatus on an excursion is a knife. It can get you food, free your trapped leg, collect firewood and even save your life! The permutations of using this great hardware are endless and it occupies a nominal space in your pocket.

Lighter: Once in the woods, you would certainly realize that fire remains the best human discovery of all time. But if you thought of carrying matches along then think again. That small box of fire starters is totally useless if it becomes wet (striking stones is a primitive technique and well, it is extremely difficult to start a fire with them). Don't forget to carry a lighter along. It is sturdy and essential.

Warm Clothing: Do remember to keep some warm clothes irrespective of what time of year it is. Mother Nature is not fussy and can send rain, thunderstorms or snow down your way.

Flashlight: There is little worse than getting lost in the woods and that coupled with darkness is the ideal recipe for a perilous mishap. Don't forget to carry a flashlight or wear a head light. These will help you in making your way thru the forest or get rediscovered by your group. They can also be used to send signals to the people that may be keeping an eye open for you.

About the Author:

Danvi Bansum is a wilderness bush craft and survival skills enthusiast. He's worried that many of us do not have even basic bush craft and survival skills and is keen to inspire folk to learn the basics. He recommends taking a bush craft course.

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