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Monday, June 25, 2012

Survival Tips: When Your Outdoor Escapade Fails

By Nick Bucek

Finding yourself in the wilderness and taking pleasure in nature is an excellent means of spending your vacation. The wild can be perilous when matters aren't followed according to plan, but is also very exciting. The most effective method is to be ready for this sort of circumstance to happen. Strange things happen and you have no clue when you may get lost, stuck, hurt, or have to stay for a longer period due to climatic conditions. In case you are in a group, always keep in contact with them so that you ensure your safety. No matter the reason, a survival bracelet is really desirable as you'll discover later on.

Be sure that other people know the places you went and when you should get back even though you intend to only be in the wild for a while. If you don't come back, they know when and where to begin searching. Dress in layers at all times so you're able to add or remove clothes as needed. It may get very warm or chilly within a few hours out there, so be well prepared.

You should always carry a survival pack with necessities. Your supplies should include plenty of water or water purification tablets, dry food, a first aid kit, a cell phone, compass, emergency flares, and a flashlight. It is very important that you stay hydrated and alert if you become lost in the wild. If you are with other people, make sure everyone stays together and talk yourselves through the situation. Make sure you secure a safe place to sleep if it appears that you may be there throughout the night.

As mentioned earlier, having a survival bracelet, also known as a paracord bracelet is extremely important. In dire situations, it can even be your lifeline. To illustrate, the bracelet can become a harness when you have to descend atop a ravine. If someone is attacked by a dangerous animal such as a snake, you can use it as a lash that can be used in first aid. Can a survival bracelet actually do all of these things? It's quite short and appears to be merely an ornament. In reality, the bracelet can stretch to roughly 3 meters when disentangled. In a survival situation, a lot of things can be done with a three-meter piece of string.

What a great place to explore and get back to nature the wilderness is. It gives us a break from our busy lives. But things don't always go according to plan and people do get lost. By always being ready, you will have the best chance of survival.

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