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Who Am I?  

First, I've got ONE question to ask that could save your life...
  • Do you have the skills to survive in any environment?
Too many people do not know how to survive in "all conditions". We drive down snow covered highways and/or drive backroads... go hiking in the woods… snowmobiling with friends... hunting or fishing in the mountains… skiing or snowboarding with our family on the weekend... Camping…
The news media is full of stories every year of people getting lost in the outdoors or trapped by snow storms. Do you know what to do or what's the most important steps to take in these situations?
"Over the years, I've been hired to teach survival classes to numerous students from all different backgrounds... so I know I can teach YOU!"

My name is Gregory E. Rouse and I've been a Physical Education and Outdoor Recreation professor for various Colleges and Universities for over a decade.

  • I have a Master's Degree in Physical Education/Pedagogy, along with degrees, endorsements, and certifications in various related fields such as Outdoor Recreation, Coaching, Search and Rescue, and Emergency Response.

  • I've been an EMT, Wilderness-EMT and First Responder Instructor, and I've also taught for the American Red-Cross for over a decade.

  • I've Taught Numerous Outdoor Classes, including mountaineering and whitewater guiding to wilderness survival, along with a diversity of students from a broad range backgrounds, such as Air Force survival instructors and little old ladies to teenage kids.

  • I've Taken Literally Hundreds of Students on Survival Trips, logging thousands of hours in the field.
...now that I'm done tooting my own horn, what do all the credentials mean -- NOT A LOT.
Don't get me wrong, I'm pleased with my accomplishments... but I'm not telling you all of this to brag. I'm telling you this because one of the most dangerous things you can do is put your trust in one of the so-called survival experts hands, who has good intentions, but NO REAL EXPERIENCE...
"What matters is that I've spent thousands of hours in the outdoors teaching 100's of students, how to survive"

Now if I'm not an idiot and I paid just a little attention, that experience of having 100's of students in the field trying these skills has a tendency to flush out the truth about what really works and what doesn't.
Unlike other so-called "experts" my goal is to teach you from practical experience, in the most straight forward way, using step-by-step photos, what works and what doesn't. So read on...
It all started as a young man, I was standing on the side of a mountain on one of my first hunting trips, when a fog set in that was so thick I couldn't even see two feet in front of my face. As I tried to find my way back up that mountain to the rig, pushing through the buck brush, but not really knowing where I was, I progressed to a state of almost panic... when it finally sunk in that I was lost...
...Exhausted, I sat down and prepared myself for a cold night. As I sat there realizing my lack of knowledge and skills, something happened that created a life-long drive to learn all I could about survival and preparedness, so I would never find myself in a situation like that again.
...Needless to say I was eventually found, but that passion for learning survival has never left. There's an old saying, "That if you spend enough time in the outdoors, you're bound to get turned around once in awhile".
I Understand ... I've been there!

Like me, having the desire to learn is half the battle. By investing your time in reading the posts I've laid out on this blog it shows your interest in learning the skills you need to survive.
I wish that during my own years of searching, I had known about a blog like this. Instead, I had to learn these techniques through costly "trial and error". Spending untold hours on techniques or resources that turned out to be duds.
YOU don't have to make those same errors -- My students and myself have done all the groundwork for you! And as a result, you're about to learn Proven Methods for Wilderness Survival!
This Blog has step-by-step photos showing you all the tricks and techniques you need to know to survive. Every teacher knows that slide shows are the best method for teaching outdoor skills in the classroom and these are the exact same slides I would use in my classroom before our field trips.
My methods have been proven -- over and over -- in the field -- to be some of the very best methods for wilderness survival. Do I know everything - NO, but if I don't I'll find someone who does.
Here's something else you should know about me... I've been a teacher for most of my adult life and I get excited about helping people learn new skills! So if you're serious about learning, then I want to teach you. The goal of this Blog is to SHARE or give back what so many have taught me over the years as a way of saying thanks or paying it forward.
Finally, imagine your self-confidence when you know that you have the ability to survive in any environment... imagine how you'll feel when your friends and love ones know they can count on you in these kinds of situations...
I hope this Blog can be a great resource to you, so make sure you bookmark it and sign up for all the updates under the “Subscribe To This Blog” section on the right.
See you on the trail,

P.S. Because survival is not always in the wilderness and because survival is a passion of mine and certain topics don't necessarily fit on this site, I decided to create a sister site called Urban-Survival-Skills.org
Here's the link: http://www.urban-survival-skills.org/