Free Home Air Conditioning! Save Money on Your Electric Bills!

Using ONLY locally available materials, it is possible for ANY homeowner to virtually eliminate their electric bills for air conditioning FOREVER! If a million California homeowners would choose to individually save this money, they would collectively reduce the electricity power load on the California power grid by around 5,000 Megawatts! That reduction might even help the electricity suppliers keep up with their demand! A grass-roots solution for a problem that the honchos can’t solve!

This is a method for supplying plenty of cooled, de-humidified air for almost any house or many commercial buildings, WITHOUT needing to run an electricity-eating air conditioner compressor! Even better, it is fairly inexpensive to install and unbelievably environmentally friendly! All of the rooms of a house will be EXACTLY as comfortable as if that expensive compressor was running! The temperature, humidity and comfort level can even be regulated by the very same wall thermostat you already have!

This system is extremely logical and actually very simple. It involves moving the house’s air through large tubes (like tunnels) underground. In technical terms, these tubes are “heat exchangers” that use long-proven simple techniques to transfer heat FROM the house air INTO the cool deep soil.

The temperature a few feet down in the ground is remarkably constant throughout the day and year. In Chicago, for example, that deep soil remains approximately 52°F, day and night, summer and winter. In the summer, the hot house air is blown through some underground tubes and that hot house air is cooled by contact with the cool (52°F) walls of the underground tubes. It turns out that it is also de-humidified, too! By the time the air has returned to the house, it is exactly the same as the cooled air that would have come out of a standard central air-conditioner.

Air conditioning is accomplished without running an energy-expensive compressor, virtually eliminating air-conditioning expense. In the winter, there is even a bonus effect! Make-up air for the house, that might sometimes enter the house at -10°F, would enter the house at around 52°F instead! The heat load of the house can be significantly reduced, minimizing heating bills. Have you ever been in a cave? Remember how cool it was, even if it was 90°F outside? The air inside that cave that you were breathing did not start out in the cave. Some winds had blown air in through some opening somewhere.

Hot outside air that had gone into the cave had been cooled by the cool walls down there. That’s pretty much what we are doing with this system. You can do this with locally available materials, which should cost on the scale of $500, in just a day or two, which would mostly be digging up and refilling trenches across your yard! If you hire a backhoe or trencher to do that might be another $500. Adding in some other expenses, the whole works might be do-able for well under $2,000. (These estimates depend on house size, climate and other factors, and are suggested as a ball-park estimates.) Simple, easy, fairly inexpensive, perfect!

By being able to entirely and continuously cool a house all summer, without a compressor running, many homes could save $1,000 or more, EVERY summer! This is certainly a great thing for the homeowner, who has to pay the bills, but it can also help many energy-strapped utility companies. If a substantial number of people would install this system, the summer electricity demand could be substantially reduced.


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