How much methanol should you use?

The stoichiometric quantity of methanol is the amount needed to convert triclycerides (fats and oils) into esters (biodiesel) — the “methyl” portion of methyl esters. You also need an excess of methanol to push the conversion process towards completion — without the excess the process runs out (reaches equilibrium) before all the triglycerides are converted … Read more

At What “Proof” will most Alcohol Spirits Burn?

I am aware that in the 18th century, alcoholic beverages were defined by their “proof,” meaning its relative dilution and combustibility (A 100 proof liquor would sustain combustion of gunpowder). But here in the 21st century, I am certain I have seen liquors that are below 100 proof –Sambuca, for example– be lit on fire, … Read more

Starting Your Own Wine Business

W. C. Morris, ProfessorFood Science and Technology You have been making wine in your basement for several years and routinely receive accolades on how good your homemade wine tastes. Now you are trying to decide if you should start your own vineyard and build a commercial winery. What are the factors that you should consider … Read more

Notes: How to Make Alcohol

5 gal water to 15 lbs corn sugar – boiled water or sterile water – don’t want something else growing. Cain sugar will work just as well just has a vinegar flavor result. 1/2 teaspoon of mineral supplement for 5 gal water. 1 packet of yeast (typical used with grapes to make Champaign) most aggressive … Read more

How to Make Alcohol

First you must obtain a holding tank. I recommend those 6 gallon Alhambra water jugs. Now, put it where you are going to put your still. They need to be kept together. Hide your still! This is illegal by federal law, and you could get busted. Make your still so it is collapsible and you … Read more

The Art of Brewing Beer

This is the sequel to The Cat’s Meow—it contains every recipe that was in the first volume (February 1991), plus almost every recipe posted to the Homebrew Digest since the first volume. Yet it’s smaller in disk space and in printed form, due to a simpler 2–column format and the omission of appendixes. In this … Read more

Home Brew (Home made beer)

Mix in large churn 4 1/2 gal. of warm water 2 cakes yeast Stir well Add 1 can malt 5 lb. sugar After thoroughly stirred, cover with cheesecloth tied with string. Leave in warm place 72 hours. (I usually make mine in the summer in an outbuilding.) Bottle, leaving caps loose for about a week. … Read more

Uses of Alcohol

There are two major kinds of alcohol used as fuel. Methanol is the most common. This is sometimes called Wood Alcohol or Fully Denatured Alcohol. Ethanol is less common as a fuel, mostly due to legal and tax issues, even though it is a better stove fuel and less toxic. Methanol causes severe health problems … Read more