Notes: How to Make Alcohol

5 gal water to 15 lbs corn sugar – boiled water or sterile water – don’t want something else growing. Cain sugar will work just as well just has a vinegar flavor result.

1/2 teaspoon of mineral supplement for 5 gal water.

1 packet of yeast (typical used with grapes to make Champaign) most aggressive yeast or enzyme.

Makes about 18% alcohol.

Takes about 7 days. Take hydrometer reading and if 3 days pass and no change then it is done.
leaves about 3-4 inches for it to foam up.


Grain malt (dissolved sugar) can be made by water sitting in grain for 90 min then straining off the water. Need some barley or wheat to get other grains started.

Hydrometer goes down as alcohol is made and dissolved solid content goes down.

The yeast goes to the bottom can use it to start other batches up to about 3 times. Can use a small amount of the bottom stuff after the first run to start a small batch that can seed a bigger batch.

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