How to build Survival Shelter Roofing

People always ask what you cover a Dubree hut with, and my answer is always the same, “whatever is available. ” I’ve used everything from an old piece of tin I found to pine bows and even sod; if you layer it, you would be amazed at how waterproof they are. Here are a few … Read more

3 Components of a Dubree Hut

Dubree huts are structures that are built by piling branches, sticks, rocks, etc., into a pile to make a shelter. You use what’s available in your immediate environment and create a shelter from what nature provides. The benefit is that you don’t have to have any gear to do it, so if you learn this … Read more

Shelter Criteria

Wilderness Survival Shelter Criteria There are a few basic criteria to follow when building a wilderness survival shelter. Depending upon the situation (injury, location, etc.), you won’t always be able to use everyone, but the more you do, the warmer you’ll be. Here are the 7 Criteria for a successful wilderness survival shelter: Warm:¬†You must … Read more

Wilderness Survival Facts

Wilderness Survival Studies show that staying alive in a survival situation is: 80% Mental 10% Skills 10% Equipment So, what’s this 80% or mental attitude made up of? 2 things: The Will to Live and your Problem-Solving Ability! How does a person improve these 2 aspects in an emergency? By following the S T O … Read more