Algae Gasoline Production

I have been making some small amounts of Bio-butanol for about 2 ½ years. Last year’s serendipitous discovery, of the “James River Mystery Foam” diatom, has greatly accelerated the steady progress towards a totally solar algal biomass Bio-butanol Bio-gasoline. Methods development and solar processing methodology, has begun to advance more rapidly now.
I am delighted to report a breakthrough demonstration of algal Bio-butanol Bio-gasoline’s potential to replace petroleum gasoline. Early work was slow, and somewhat tedious, as only small quantities of bio-gasoline were made from scarce algae biomass (the “Holy Grail” of mass produced Alt/Fuels without detrimentally impacting farmland use patterns or competing with human food stocks for biofuel feed-stocks).

Algae Gasoline Production 2007

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