Can you Actually Eat Plants to Survive? Let’s find out

It is important to find something to eat if you find yourself in an outdoor survival emergency. Edible plants may be a great option for you to get some nourishment. You must be cautious when trying a new plant to eat because even if the plant is considered to be edible, it may invoke a serious allergic reaction for some people.

Research plants before you begin tasting them. Don’t eat something if you are unsure about its safety. Consider experimenting with edible plants on a day hike. If an unforeseen reaction does occur, you will be close to helping. This is especially true for individuals who are prone to allergic reactions.

You should begin by understanding the edible parts of the plant. Roots, stems, leaves, buds, seeds, and flowers are valuable parts of some plants. Be aware that some portions of a Plant may be edible while others are not.

Out in the wilderness, you may not know the specifics about the types of plants around you. You can begin to learn about the plants by studying the plant. How does the plant smell, for instance? Is there a negative reaction to touching the plant? Place a piece of the plant on your wrist. Generally, you are probably safe if you do not experience a skin reaction within 15 minutes. Be aware that skin reactions are possible after this time, but this is usually a good rule of thumb.

Once you have decided to try a portion of the plant, prepare it as you intend to eat it. Do not start popping dinner into your mouth and swallowing, which can be very dangerous.

First, place the prepared plant on the outside of your lip. See if you have a reaction to the plant in 5 to 15 minutes. If no response occurs, place a tiny bit on your tongue and hold it in your mouth for a brief period before spitting it out. You may chew it for a moment, but do not swallow it. Wait 15 minutes or so to determine how your body will react to this plant.

It may seem that this is a tedious process, but avoiding a serious or fatal reaction is worth the time and effort.

By this time, you will be able to determine if you want to consume this plant. Don’t naturally assume that just because one part of the plant is edible that all aspects of the plant are safe. Repeat this procedure for each plant part before determining if it is edible and crucial to your survival.

Do keep in mind that humans can survive for weeks without food. Edible plants may help provide healthy nourishment in a survival situation but do not eat whatever is around in haste. Grabbing the wrong plant can bring you plenty of trouble. Poisonous plants can cause mild to serious reactions; some plants may be hallucinogens or cause a fatal reaction. Always take the time to experiment with each part of any new plant to maintain excellent health.

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