Freezed-Dried Superfoods

In our quest to survive and protect our families and loved ones in a sometimes dangerous world and environment,  mankind has been searching for light weight, nutritious foods and supplements…To-day with modern discoveries in botany and freeze drying techniques we now have new superfoods that can help us survive better in crisis situations …One food which many health professionals are saying is possibly the most powerful and nutritious food on the planet is -Super Blue Green Algae or AFA. The following file contains an introduction,  scientific studies, medical and scientific professional endorsements and some testimonials…this food has been tested and proven in extreme conditions: in mountain climbing expeditions in Antarctica, eco-challenges and even by Olympic athletes such as Dan O’Brien, Decathlon Gold Medal Winner in Atlanta. To start with:

THE ALGAE FACTOR -The Amazing Blue-Green Algae of Klamath Lake

OFTEN SCORNED AS LOWLY WEEDS, THE PRIMITIVE green plants we call algae have some amazing properties. Whereas some nutritionists say our farmland is so deplete from short-term soil management practices that most nutrients are gone from our foods, supplements derived from algae can offer a cornucopia of high- powered vitamins to improve physical well being and mental performance-even, according to some to reduce tumours.

Algae, dating back 3.5 billion years, may be the first plants to turn sunlight into energy through photosynthesis. There are some 30,000 species, ranging from microscopic “pond scum’ to sea kelp hundreds of feet long. Algae constitutes 70 percent of the earth’s biomass; its algae, not the tropical jungles, provide 80 percent of our planet’s oxygen.

In the 1980’s, Daryl Kollman, a Harvard educated scientist and teacher, was given a particularly potent strain of Aphanizomenon flos aquae, a blue green algae, growing wild in Oregon’s Upper Klamath Lake. The strain is particularly high in protein, Vitamin B-12, and beta carotene, says Kollman, and it contains all essential amino acids, which are believed to help improve moods, memory, and mental well being.

Kollman had found his solution to what many see as the dilemma of the modern diet: increasing quantity, decreasing quality.  In August Celebration -“A Molecule of Hope for a Changing World -The Cell Tech Story,” author Linda Grover cites studies showing that due to changes in soil management practices, 100 grams of spinach contained 158 milligrams of iron in 1948, but only 2.2 milligrams in 1973. Dr. Michael Colgan, author of Your Personal Vitamin Profile and founder of the Colgan Institute of Nutritional Science in San Diego, refutes “the myth of the good mixed diet.” He points to evidence showing that the level of beta carotene in raw carrots can be as high as 18,500 international units (I.U.) in a 3 1/2- ounce sample or as low as 70 I.U.

Upper Klamath Lake’s algae has special nutrient powers because of an immense volcano that erupted on that site 7,000 years ago. The blast spewed five cubic miles of earth into the air and rained down boulders as far away as Idaho, according to geologists. The mountain streams around Upper Klamath Lake have continued to dump rich volcanic ash into it. Isolated in the Cascade Mountains, the lake remains pure, with a deep bed of nutrients -it is algae heaven.

The nutrient deposits on the floor of Upper Klamath Lake are 35 feet deep in some places. Daryl Kollman estimates that each inch of that sediment is sufficient to keep the lake’s blue-green algae packed with nutrition for 60 years. With 200 million pounds of the stuff growing every year, Kollman cheerfully calculates that the lake could produce enough for every person on the earth to eat one to two grams every day.  – Richard Poe

Studies on the Effect of Adding Algae to the Diets of Animals and Humans

Healing Effects:

Yamaguchi (Japan Medical News. 1965) administered 2 grams of algae daily to patients with gastric ulcers, duodenal ulcers, and chronic gastritis. Symptoms such as stomach pain, suppressive feelings in the stomach, heartburn, and belching were eliminated. Saito and his associates (Medication and New Drugs, 1966) have used micro algae in treatment of cuts that resisted healing. They reported fast healing and the almost immediate cessation of bleeding when micro increased levels of body energy for a quick return to normal activities.

“It has been recently shown that (certain) blue-green algaes can significantly prevent mouth cancer. Padmanabhan Nair at Maryland’s Human Nutrition Center administered only one gram a day to tobacco chewers in Kerala, India, who had precancerous mouth lesions (oral leukoplakia). Dramatically, after one year, the sores had vanished or shrunk significantly in more than half the people, with complete regression in 45% of the subjects. Dr. Nair speculates that the antioxidant pigments such as beta carotene help to remove damaging cancer-causing free-radicals.*

In the recently  published March 1996 issue of the Scandinavian Journal of Immunology, (1996 March, 43(3):248-56). PFUA’s such as eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and especially docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) are shown to be very potent inhibitors of “over-active lymphocytes(white blood cells) that sometimes attack healthy tissues.  PUFAs, like those found in AFA Algae and fish oils, were shown to be successful in improving the health status of people who suffer from auto-immune disorders.*

As reported in the International Journal of Neuroscience , there is a strong correlation between Vitamin B12 deficiency and the possible onset of multiple-sclerosis. B12 deficiency may “render the patient more vulnerable to viral mechanisms.” Thus, the B!2 in AFA is one very important and natural way to boost the immune system and protect the body against such viral invasions.9.*

Sandyk, R., and Awerbuch, G.I.,  “Vitamin B12 and its relationship to age of onset of MS.” International Journal of Neuroscience, 1993 July-August, 71(1-4):93-9.

AFA, like Human breast milk, contains a peptide known as substance P, an immune system booster. According to a 1995 article in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition [1995 Sept.,62 (3):554-8], the absence of substance P in infant formula may seriously impair the nutritional status of the developing infant.

A 1994 study published in the Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology [Oct., 40(5) :431-41]  showed that when laboratory mice were fed a blue green algae diet, there was a marked improvement in the overall ability of the spleen to mount an effective defensive response. This was accomplished by a significant increase in the ability of white blood cells to engulf bacterial and viral invaders through phagocytic activity with intensified interleukin production.

The Journal “Cancer Research, 1995 Jan1, 55(1):57-62.” Published a long-awaited study that finally confirms the intuitive belief that chlorophyll present in foods such as organic vegetables and AFA algae has anti-cancer properties! This article reports conclusively that chlorophyll is a “potent inhibitor of hepatocarcinogenesis…and may have important implications in the intervention and dietary management of human cancer risks.”

BALTIMORE: Blue-green Algae…has yielded a promising new family of anti-cancer drugs, researchers say.  Compounds from algae have shown remarkable ability to shrink tumours in mice, enough to cure some animals, said Gregory Patterson of the University of Hawaii. Mice were implanted with cancer cells that cause breast and prostate cancer in humans and treated with algae derived compounds called cryptophycins, which appear to attack the internal structure of cancer cells, blocking their ability to spread, Patterson said. – San Francisco Examiner Feb. 9, 1996.

It has been known for some time that the Amino Acid Arginine can dramatically boost the immune system by increasing the production of natural killer cells that are capable of inhibiting tumour growth.[Surgery 90,1(1981):244-251].  A 1994 double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial reported in the journal Cytokine, describes how low-doses dietary arginine supplementation in 29 patients with diabetes mellitus brought about a significant two-fold enhancement of the immune system. This is especially interesting because AFA Algae contains copious chains of interconnected arginine molecules generously and safely stored inside unique granules inside the cell.*

* from ‘Algae to the Rescue’ by Professor of Chemistry,  Karl J. Abrams…I recommend this book for people who want to research alternatives to chemotherapy for some types of cancer… Prof. Abrams discusses the role of natural antioxidants found in nutritional blue green algae and how they protect cells from the damaging effects of free-radicals…Aphanizomenon flos-aquae or AFA, a blue green algae has unusually high concentrations and wide variety of antioxidants, such as beta carotene, superoxide dismutase, glutathione, and vitamin C and E.

Growth Promotion Effects:

Animals which are fed a diet of whole dried algae have shown accelerated growth rates when compared to those raised normal laboratory rations. Yamagushi and his co-workers observed greater weight increases and higher percentages of viable offspring in mice, rats, swine, chickens, and silkworms. One study from a sample of Japanese children who had been given 2 grams of algae every day for 112 days indicated that this dietary supplement produced weight and height increase greater than the children who did not take the algae.

Elimination of Heavy Metals in the Human Body:

Professor S. Ichimaru and N. Ogino reports the effectiveness of algae in excreting cadmium accumulation in the bodies of “Itai itai” patients. They comment that microalgae is one of the substances that discharges heavy metals such as cadmium, lead, and mercury without the adverse side effects of chelation therapy. Treatment of U.S. patients has shown that use of algae tends to normalise excessive and deficient conditions regarding all the minerals necessary for a healthy body.  The Japanese used algae to relieve symptoms of radiation poisoning at Hiroshima.

“Research has shown thats salts of aspartic acid, which are present in AFA algae ..are useful for protection against radiation damage. Because of its ability to chelate radioactive ions, blue-green algae is being used to help protect radiation victims in Chernobyl” states Prof. of Chemistry, Karl J. Abrams.

Mind-Brain Functions:

Dr. Gabriel Cousins, M.D., recently published a preliminary paper in the Journal of Orthomolecular Society (Vol. III, No. 1 & 2, 1985) reporting that certain blue green algaes partially reversed one case of Alzheimer’s disease and halted the progression of another. In about 70% to 80% of the people who use it, it seems to particularly activate mind-brain functions. It has been a boon to some people who do much mental work and want extra mental clarity and concentration…many people report better concentration and focus when working, studying or handling stress.

Life Extension:

Japanese biochemists have labelled the factor in blue-green algae responsible for an increase in sustained physical and mental energy, and for rebalancing cellular metabolism, the controlled growth factor (CFG). The CGF is not only a general tonic which especially seems to affect the body’s upper glands such as the thymus, but has specifically evidenced power as a tonic for life extension, increasing the life of laboratory mice by 50%.

Aphanizomenon flos-aquae is preferred over other blue green algae because of its rich source of natural nutrition. This algae contains no toxins or heavy metals and is 95% assimilable in the digestive system due to the nature of the glycogen cell wall and its subsequent rupturing during the freezing process.. Further the microalgae is frozen within minutes of harvesting & cleaning and is maintained at zero degrees Celsius until it can be freeze-dried. The freeze-dried pharmaceutical grade algae retains all of its heat sensitive vitamins, enzymes and proteins.


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Health Care Professionals Endorsing Super Blue Green Algae

  • Dr. Karl J. Abrams,  a tenured professor of Chemistry at Saddleback College in Orange County,  California. ..he has taught chemistry for more than twenty years and is the author of a successful chemistry textbook and numerous articles on chemical education.  While studying chemistry as an undergraduate, Abrams did research at Stanford Medical School… As well as teaching college chemistry…He has spent two years travelling around the country lecturing on drug synthesis techniques. Since then he has abandoned that approach in favour of nutritional research to explain the powerful healing properties of Aphanizomenon flos-aquae from Upper Klamath Lake. ..He is the author of the recent book ‘Algae to the Rescue’ . Abrams gives lectures and conducts seminars on the nutritional benefits of blue green algae.  He may be contacted through Logan House Publications…818-763-0405 or 763-0402 fax  or 800-888-0799 to order his book.
  • Dr. Paul Swanson, M.D. ,  Graduated from Harvard University 1n 1980 with a major in biochemistry, the University of Minnesota Medical School in 1986, and a three -year residency program in emergency medicine At Bowman Grey Medical Center in 1989.  He presently lives in Grass Valley, California.  He has written the foreword to the book “Algae to the Rescue ”, by professor Karl J. Abrams.
  • Dr. Kathleen De Remer, M.D.  She graduated with Honours from Jackson College of Tufts University where she had designed an independent study program on human genetics and ageing. Kathleen received her Medical Doctorate in 1975 from the Robert Woods Johnson Medical School and practises internal medicine in Kaysville, Utah.  She was awarded, in 1984, the “AMA Physician’s recognition Award” and “Foremost Women of the Twentieth Century ” award. ..She wrote the introduction to the book “Algae to the Rescue.”
  • Dr. Michael Klapper, M.D. is a practising physician specialising in the pioneering field of nutritional medicine. He is a well-known author and lecturer, advocate of conscious food choices and scientific advisor to John Robbins (author of Diet for A  New America).
  • Dr. Jeffery Millman, M.D. a family practice physician and author of the “Clinical Observations of Super Blue Green Algae.”
  • Dr. David Markowitz, M.D.M.P.H. is a practising paediatrician of fifteen years from Kennebunk, Maine with a Masters of Public Health Degree from John Hopkins. He states, “The algae has changed my life in immeasurable ways. I have now recommended the algae to friends, family and patients with very positive results.”
  • Dr. Joseph Maddox, M.D. is a practising chiropractic and Nutritional Consultant in St. Petersburg, Florida. He is a former professor of Organic Chemistry, Epidemiology, Endocrinology and Physiology to more than 2,000 Chiropractic Doctors-In Training.
  • Dr. Tim O’Connor is a practising chiropractor with offices in the Phoenix metropolitan area. His unique tape,”A Doctor’s View of America’s Health” of “The O’Connor Tape ” discusses the need for nutritional support in to-day’s society.
  • Dr. Joel Swabb, P.H.D. established the first Ohio Biofeedback Stress Control Center in association with a family practise medical doctor. In addition, Dr. Swabb has trained physicians and nurses and worked with thousands of patients in continuing education courses in the art/science of clinical stress training and stress management.
  • Dr. Frank Wm. Varese, M.D. Director, Health Associates, Laguna Hills, Calif. He states, “I can truthfully say that finding out about blue-green algae has been the greatest discovery of my entire professional career…this amazing natural food contains all the nutrients needed for a healthy body.”
  • Dr. William Barry, P.H.D. Professor of Biology and Public Health (ret.) University of Montana, Arizona State University and Gonzaga University…He has 74 publications including:”A Definitive Treatment of Aphanizomenon Flos-aquae” (the scientific name for SBG Algae). He says, this particular algae “contains all eight essential and also ten other non-essential amino acids’ ‘…is an ideal source of abundant beta carotene… inorganic minerals,…proteins, essential trace elements, B12, chlorophyll and nine vitamins. Dr. Barry states: amino acids,”are necessary for proper biochemical cellular function.” Algae may then, “serve as a whole food with a broader spectrum of food essentials than nearly any other product.” This quote is from his book, “The Astonishing, Magnificent, Delightful Algae.”



DAN O’BRIEN: “The product is really important to me. It helps me physically, and that physical/emotional edge is something every athlete wants,” he says. “When I eat Algae during a decathlon, even if I don’t eat anything else, I know I’ve got something that’s going to keep giving back to me.”  O’ Brien won the Gold Medal in the Decathlon this year in Atlanta ..he was sponsored by the company Cell Tech, the supplier of SBG Algae. Dan lives near Upper Klamath Lake where this algae is harvested and freeze dried.

My productivity and creativity has blossomed over the last few years, and I am grateful for the balancing and energising contribution of my SUPER BLUE GREEN(TM) ALGAE toward the progress I have made. I am presently in my 50’s. I feel more vital and happier than I have ever been in my life. I sleep three to five hours a night.

Victor Kulvinskas MS Royal AZ. Author of SURVIVAL INTO THE 21ST CENTURY.

Although algae is not a cure for fatigue sufferers, it does have the potential to build your immune system up and may help you gain energy. I personally started taking it May 7Th 1990, and have improved. I went from being totally disabled to working part time again.

Beth Allard, Mississauga Ontario Canada

James and I were impressed with the SUPER BLUE GREEN(TM)ALGAE I felt very awake on the drive home. My vision was much clearer and my eyes stayed a lot more focused than they usually are. do at that time of night. My breathing and nasal passages opened up somewhat, and I was able to breathe more easily than usual. Thumbs up for SUPER BLUE GREEN(TM) algae.

Judith Olson-Lee, Davis, CA

For my experiment I chose two individuals who had well histories of deficient mental functions. The first case was a 66 year old woman with a seven year history of deficient mental functions. After one month of taking blue green algae, some decrease in the aphasia was clearly discernible. By six months her spirit, humour and sense of awareness had significantly improved. The second case involved a 64 year old lawyer from the MIDWEST. After one month, his wife noted a cessation in the degenerative process. After 12 months, she has noted no further obvious degeneration. I will be happy to share the blue green algae protocol with any physician who is interested.

Gabriel Cousens MD Orthomolecular psychiatrist Petaluma CA.

Within 20 minutes of taking my first SUPER BLUE GREEN(TM) ALGAE capsules, I felt a sense of clarity, of vividness; some sort of sparkle in my head. I’ve been eating algae for two years now, and have more energy and a better attitude. The most important physical sensation I’ve had from the algae has been the absence of discomfort. I suffered a severe injury when I was 20 and had multiple fractures throughout my body. The discomfort has been with me since then, it becomes really bad during a change in the weather and when I get sick. The sites of the fractures would become somewhat irritated. Well, I can tell you that after eating the algae, I have virtually no discomfort from my injury sites.

Robert Caplan Boulder, CO.

Even prior to discovering that I had a medical condition, I had developed a keen interest in nutrition. For four years I was housebound, and ultimately bed-ridden; expending my limited energy investigating various diets and therapies. For me, nothing has ever had quite the impact on my sense of well being as SUPER BLUE GREEN(TM) ALGAE With clearer focus, the discovery of macrobiotic / life food principles, and hope in the wondrous molecule of algae, it seems reasonable to expect even greater miracles to come my way.

Bonnie Seltzer New York, NY.

After two and a half years on the algae, my discomfort in the left shoulder has virtually disappeared. My daily intake is now one SUPER SUN SMOOTHIE plus 4 four Alpha and four Omega capsules. On a recent trip from Glenwood Springs Co. I forgot my algae capsules, but survived on SUPER SUN SMOOTHIE, and made the 650 mile trip to Las Vegas in 11 hours, arriving about 6PM and feeling full of Pep. I love to travel, and now always carry an extra supply of capsules, a full can of Smoothie, and a bottle of liquid brain food.

Charlotte Smith age 69,   Glenwood Springs CO.

“I began eating algae in February, 1994. I felt such an improvement in my health that my friends thought my old personality was surfacing. I decided to see if it was really the Super Blue Green Algae making the difference or a placebo effect.

Crystal, my cat, was the only other living creature in the house. I put a pinch of Algae on her food every day for four days. She went from dish to couch to chair to bed to dish to couch… . Not very lively! On the 5th day I had an interesting surprise. Crystal lept up from her dish, roared around the living room, slipped underneath a scatter rug and attacked a climbing harness hanging from the bookshelf. She did one more lap around the living room and finally collapsed on her bed.

This burst of activity has been repeated every morning to the extent that I had to buy her a new set of cat toys…Within three months, she lost 18% of her body weight and her “gunky” eyes cleared up. No more eye drops!

A few months later I put her on a pinch of Cell Tech enzymes and her fur became Angora bunny-like…Crystal is very kitten-like now and every day demands a recreation play programme. She is her young mischievious self again. And that’s pretty good for a 15-year old cat!”

-Diane Williams, Vancouver B.C.

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