Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pole Shift (PS)?

This is a shift of the earth’s crust with respect to the earth’s core generated north and south magnetic poles. Earth’s magnetic poles are created by the flow of ions in the earth’s core and is somewhat closely aligned to be parallel to the axis of rotation. We expect about 90 degree shift of the crust as planet-X passes earth’s orbit on its way through our solar system. The new North Pole will be off the coast of Brazil and the new South Pole is off the coast of India. It is associated with lots of other earth changes before, during and after the pole shift. See the following description for more details.

What can I do?

– Study and prepare yourself along with others around you for the paradigm shift in living and thinking.
– Download a copy of this site for your local after Pole Shift survival community’s use.
– Let us know what files and subjects are most/least useful.

What version of Acrobat is needed?

Acrobat Reader Version 7.0 or later is needed for viewing and printing the PDF files and can be downloaded from Adobe.

How do I save files to my local computer?

Individual files can usually be saved with a right mouse click ofn the selected file then clicking on “save target as”. The file can also be saved once opened by clicking on tool bar “File” and “save as”. Blocks of subjects can be saved all at once by finding the appropriate “.zip” file under “3-Updates” folder. One can build up a local copy of the site by saving and unzipping these files. Many operating systems today have a built in right mouse click “extract files” option. 7-Zip is free software that will also do this.

What is planet-X?

It is a planet 2.5 times the diameter of earth in a highly elliptical orbit that crosses close to earth’s orbit approximately every 3,657 years. In historical references it has names such as Zacharia Sitchin’s 12th Planet, NASA called it Planet X or 10th planet when they discovered it inbound in 1983. The Bible calls it Wormwood and in book of Revelations 12-3 as A great red dragon. The ancient Summarians called it Nibiru. The Incas call it Hercolubus. The Kolbrin calls it the destroyer. The Oahspe calls it the Red Star. The Babylonians called it Marduk.

When will the Pole Shift occur?

It could ocure any time now. See the source Zetatalk clues, and Crop Circle clues that give this final result.

What will it be like during the time of the Pole Shift?

High winds and high magnitude earthquakes lasting the better part of one hour. See the following for more detailed information.

What will it be like after the Pole Shift?

Primitive survival mode for all — we will have traded our high tech things and gadgets for a much harder life where attention is on water, food and shelter. However this new begining will be one of more spiritual awareness and responsibility. We will return to and be more caring of Mother Earth and to others around us.

We expect the planet wide living conditions will be thrown back in time, hundreds of years. Few buildings survive as a result of high magnitude long duration earthquakes. Stored gasoline soon runs out. No electricity generated or distributed. Roads and bridges torn up and unusable. No transportation. No working telephones. No corner stores for food and supplies. No internet. No manufacturing or distribution system of any kind. No mail. Ninety percent of shelter and housing destroyed or not livable. Ten percent of the population lives though it the rest die during the event or shortly there after. Devastation is world wide. No government. No police. There is no one left to do any rescue operation.

No seeing the sun for 20 years. Dark skies due to dense cloud cover from volcanic ash and near continuous rain. Transportation for a while will be limited to foot travel, push carts, and hand power small boats. All other forms of transportation are unusable. Lots of mud everywhere. Near continuous rain. Roving scrounging mad max (service to self) parasitic type gangs for a while. Food and shelter scarce to non-existence. Those caught still in the cities will be subject parasitic gangs constantly feeding off and terrorizing all who stay. Those who are in sparsely populated areas, not near tectonic plate moving edges and not near large masses of water at elevations of 600 to 700 feet or more, fair much better.

Even with these great amounts of changes, 10 percent of the earth’s population is expected to survive. This is 600 million people and is still quite a lot of people. Not a complete end of life as current disaster movies portray. Only an end of life as we know it today. One that is quite survivable if one has the right knowledge and a good location to survive. See Zetatalk for a list of safe locations.

Why would one want to survive the Pole Shift?

Those that decide to live though it will have traded material things for the possibility of spiritual awareness and increased responsibility. Not all will make it but we believe the pain will be worth the gain. Many will wish to live through it to help loved ones and others. Some will live for the adventure of it. Some will want to help bring in the new spiritual awarenesses that will result. Some will be there to help build the new civilization that has the promise of peace for a thousand years.

Our awareness is, that it is definitely not all bad news. A lot of good things will happen to those that do and to some that do not survive as a result of the pole shift. To a great extent it is your choice as to whether you survive or not. For those that do survive they may have the opportunity to live with the service-to-other extraterrestrials, and be part of the shift to a higher density of spiritual awareness. Separation of “service-to-others” and “service-to-self” individuals into separate groups can be expected.

It is not the end of time. It is a new beginning for all of us. It just so happens it will have a lot of troubled times and challenges with it. We will all need to meet the challenges and confront what comes our way. For we will all grow in responsibility as a result.

Simple common sense practicality will be much valued. A positive attitude is the stability that will bring civilization through the dark times ahead. For more information and other predictions see Zetatalk’s aftertimes and Transformation.

How can one survive the Pole Shift?

Decide one wants to survive. Come up with workable goals and attitudes. Find a safe location (Zetatalk), prepare, and be in that location well before the pole shift. Build or find a suitable shelter (Zetatalk) to ride out the shift. Study the information on this site and other sites (Zetatalk) to help prepare for primitive survival conditions. Take with you what information and supplies you will need.

What is important to know about in a primitive survival situation?

In a long term primitive survival situation evaluation of importance will be one of your greatest skills. We have started this task by selecting what could be found that could be used. Now it will be your task to find and print what you will need and to add what we missed. Computers are not likely to be useable after such an event. Thus printing and binding with plastic sheet protectors (expect an extremely wet environment) will be the most common way to have the information when you need it.

The information on wind and water power with battery storage will be of more immediate use. Water purification technology along with purchased items will be invaluable. Water everywhere will be contaminated with volcanic dust and turn red from all of the iron oxide dust present. LED lighting uses low power and will be usefully for task lighting during the very dark times of continuous cloud cover.

Ham and citizen band radios will be the main surviving way of communication across distances. Ram pumps are sometimes useful for pumping water to higher locations without power. Food storage, seed saving, gardening, hydroponics, growing algae, etc. are all important subjects to know and plan for.

Location and shelter at the time of the pole shift will be important. Go to the Zetatalk site first for this type of information. If more detail is needed on survival solutions then come back and see if this site has more on the subjects you need. There are many, many more subjects needing to be known about, select areas of interest and become acquainted with what is needed for long term primitive survival.

The information you see on this site will have it’s use at some point in the future as the new civilization is built. Save it all or only part of it at your choice. We recommend you print out the vital to your needs information well before it is needed.

The intention is to provide informational subject files that are high quality and appropriate for the coming situation(s). Computers and electrical power may not be able to be made to work after the pole shift unless you prepare and protect them though the time of the pole shift. Pack PC and electronics in lots of foam of varying density to survive the pole shift time.

During most previous pole shifts and natural disasters the books have been burned to keep warm and start fires. With the near constant rain there will be a strong tendency to do the same after this pole shift. If technology is to be preserved then enough preparation planning and building needs to happen so it does not become necessary to burn books that will be vital to your future.

Many of us today love new technology. Unfortunately for the most part new technology will not get us out of this one. There is a tendency for some to search endlessly for a solution or solutions in general in new technology. This is ok to a small extent, but don’t get stuck on it. It can be a way to non-confront the future if one is constantly looking and waiting for new technology to save one.

Mastering old and proven practical technology is what will be needed for primitive survival, where many of your tools and resources are scrounged or made from the local environment after the pole shift. What you known and what you can build will be a measure of your worth to those around you. This site is mostly made up of old proven technology.

Imagination on how to use what is at hand with a positive attitude about the future, that survival can happen, will be very valuable traits that need to be worked on by all of us.

Good luck to all of us. The Zetatalk site has much more detailed information about what is coming and how to prepare. Our research indicates no site says it more straight forward, better or more accurate than Zetatalk as to what is coming. Our site only supplements with more additional information. Both sites are but a start in the direction of collecting what information is needed. In the end “only you” can say what information will be needed.

What makes us an authority on this subject?

We do not clam to be an authority on anything. We believe that the truth should stand on its own. It matters not who the authors to this site are. We are just common people with a bit higher confront level then most and a strong goal to find the truth to what one should be looking at to survive the future. We have been at it for a long time now. What does matter is —- Does any of this ring true for you? If not then keep searching. If it does, then use it to help yourself and others. We have attempted to pull out the small amounts of information you will need to survive in this age of “information overwhelm”. Now it is your job to not take anything on faith, but to test for workability, consult your observations, consult your knowingness, and ultimately find your truths and stick to it no matter the reality of other around you.

This is a ‘do it yourself’ site. Self help, practicality, with responsibility for those around you is the way out. Expect no person, agency, or government will provide help. No one can tell you what to believe or what not to believe. You must do your own analysis and consulting of your own knowing to determine what you know to be true. This site is not designed to convince anyone of what will or will not happen. This site only makes certain assumptions as to what could happen based on current awareness and understandings.

How does one download file(s) to ones own computer?

If the file is open as PDF, XLS, TXT, etc. then under file (top tool bar on left) click on “Save As..” and path to some place on your local dive. Or back up to the index file link just before opening the file and right mouse click the highlighted file and choose “save target as ..” this will allow one to save the file to a local drive. Under downloads we have zip files by subject range that can be down loaded. If you wish to capture the whole site then download S-01 through S-31 and updates. Or use a full site download programs such as “Offline Explorer Pro” or “webwhacker” or search for “site downloader freeware“. More will be added to the site over time so check back after a time.

Can I purchase a hard copy of this information from you?

Sorry – we do not have anything for sale on this site. This is a do it your self project. It is not practical to print the whole site. As an example it contains more than 360,000 pdf pages. See the above about how to download files of interest.

Downloading takes a long time, Is there a plan afoot to put the info on DVDs or better on USB memory sticks?

This site is not currently planned to be provided on any media types. Although this at first sounds likes a good idea it would not work in the long run. This site is under constant revision with new stuff added all the time. Just after the site would be written to some media it would be soon become out of date. A better plan is to get one of the many “site downloader” software packages such as “Offline Explorer Pro“. This will allow you to set up a site download job to be able to download any changes since the last time you visited the site. It might take days to download the site the first time but would only take a short time to pick up the changes since the last time it was run. Other added benefit of this method — there are probably other favorite sites that you wish you had a local copy of for after pole shift use. Other alternatives include downloading a zipped copy of the site including revisions that are provided in the “3-Updates” folder. This is for those that wish to download and save locally to unzip and create an up-to-date copy of the site.