Outdoor Survival Kit Considerations

If you are planning a trek through the wilderness or want to be prepared, having a survival kit is a good idea. You should personalize each survival kit to meet your individual needs and suit the particular environment where you will be travelling. Many outdoor survival kits are available on the market, but you can … Read more

Accessorize For Life With A Pocket Survival Kit

Picture of Accessorize For Life With A Pocket Survival Kit under Kits in Wilderness Survival Skills

Many people have nightmares about being stranded in the wilderness, lost or possibly injured, or incapacitated. Many of the largest cities in the United States are very close to wilderness areas. This does not mean that they are in very remote areas, such as the Rocky Mountains, as you can find wilderness areas in many … Read more

Basic Survival Kit

Here’s a list for a basic survival kit that you can build on your own. The biggest problem is what to carry it in, you want something small that can hold water. That brings up a key point, make sure your survival kit is not to big or you won’t carry it with you. The … Read more