Emergency Outdoor Survival Guide

With the benefit of hindsight, experts have put together a list of essential items that anyone venturing out into the wilderness should carry with them. These essentials will help emergency outdoor survival should you find yourself cut off, stranded, lost or incapacitated. Outdoorspeople know they must carry a backpack with them, and they should ensure that it is packed, complete and ready before they set out.

Many people have been introduced to wilderness adventures fairly recently due to the availability and popularity of global positioning systems. Before that, it took quite an effort to plan a route and check on your position. These electronic devices have, to a certain extent, lulled people into a sense of false security. Remember that electronics can fail and batteries run out, so always carry a map and a compass as part of your emergency outdoor survival kit.

We cannot get by without an adequate water supply, especially as our human body is mostly made up of this ingredient. When putting together an emergency outdoor survival kit, remember to pack an adequate amount of water for each person at the party and put in purification tablets so that if you find a source of water, you can use it as appropriate.

When you’re getting ready for a trip, know that you will have limited space to carry things. As such, you should study the nutrition values of portable snack foods as you will not be able to carry awkwardly sized items. Dried fruit and energy bars should be held with additional items in case you get stranded for longer than you thought.

You must keep your strength up when the outdoors and understand that temperatures can fluctuate surprisingly. If you are in a mountainous area, you should note that this can have a very adverse effect, especially if you are forced to stay overnight. When packing your backpack, ensure that appropriately designed clothing that can trap body heat within is one of the first things you put into your emergency outdoor survival kit.

A first aid kit is essential as you never know when a disaster may happen. Make sure that it has been designed for the purpose, and don’t forget that the contents have been prepared by a wilderness expert who will know what is most likely to happen.

You never know when you may be stranded overnight when you’re in the wilderness. It just makes sense to pack a tube tent, as they do not take up much room at all but could become very welcome indeed.

Round off your emergency outdoor survival backpack with several multipurpose tools such as a Swiss Army knife. Remember to think of the unthinkable before you set out to enjoy your expedition.

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