Can You Deal With Panic? Your Personal Survival Depends On it

The first time I was put in a survival situation, I remember it was like my mind began to spin like a rolodex trying to find a familiar point.

In modern society we can almost always find help. Landmarks are everywhere and getting permanently lost or turned around is rare.

So what do we do in an emergency, when there’s no help around the corner or just a phone call away? Research shows that when an individual can’t find help, they begin to PANIC.

To control panic use the STOP acronym:

The S T O P acronym:

S – Sit

T – Think

O – Observe

P – Plan

When panic begins to set in the first thing to do is sit down. Most people have a tendency to run or hurry, which usually results in more trouble.

Next, you need to think about the situation and remain calm. Along with observe the situation to make rational and informed decisions. Many times a simple pause to think and observe can show a way out of our predicament, that most will not see.

Lastly, plan how you’re going to deal with this emergency and then systematically do it.

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