When is the Next Pole Shift?

Welcome to the frustrations we all share. The past predictions were wrong again, why should anyone trust further human analysis and indication of probable dates. One shouldn’t — one should always do ones own analysis. We share our analysis in case it helps as a starting point in this direction. Many of us know Planet … Read more

How to do a No Cost Preparation

One needs to ask ones self:  What can be done at no cost to prepare for the coming pole shift? The following is some ideas along this line. Add to it as you see more options. The best answer is: Lots of planning and prioritization. Plan and decide now what one will do, now before the … Read more

Earth Wobble Measuring Techniques

GPS daily distance logged, while the GPS is stationary and not moving. Easy to do just buy a good GPS and tape it in place and take occasional reading.  The main issue is it is unknown as to how much dally correction can is done with this system that is hidden from the user. However, once … Read more

Pole Shift News Links and Resources

To keep up to date with the current weekly news happening around the world with respect to the coming Pole Shift, save this link in your favorites as a frequently used link.  Once a week go out and check to see what’s new.  It has the latest’s news from the service-to-other Zetas. http://www.zetatalk.com/newsletr/archives.htm The following is an … Read more

Minimum Preparations required after Pole Shift Survival

Bug out backpack with: (priorities are water, food, shelter in that order) Food: Dried beans, rice, protein powder, vitamins, pan to cook in. Water purification: 1 micron or smaller ceramic or carbon block filter, iodine water purification tablets, plastic or SS container for carrying water (the bigger the better). Rain‐weather: clothing (rain resistance or wool … Read more