Attitude towards Strangers during an Emergency Survival Scenario

In this society at this time we invite a stranger into our house give them the best chair, treat them like royalty. Give them food and drink out of the best dishes. Then over time as we get to know them and we get the saying “familiarity breeds contempt”. Both of these accepted norms I consider insane action.

What should happen, is treat the stranger with distrust till they prove themselves worthy of ones trust. Have them sit on the floor, stool, or stand, not the best chair in the house or keep them outside till you can determine what this person is about. Then as one gets to know another, only then can respect, and understanding be built with time or the stranger is out. This would be true no mater of the so called status of the person. Friendship would not be given lightly but earned over time by carefully observing the actions and goals of the individual.

An understanding of the above will defiantly be needed for after PS. On this list I practice the above and so tend to sound blunt with new members who start off in the wrong direction.

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