Earth Wobble Measuring Techniques

  • GPS daily distance logged, while the GPS is stationary and not moving. Easy to do just buy a good GPS and tape it in place and take occasional reading.  The main issue is it is unknown as to how much dally correction can is done with this system that is hidden from the user. However, once things start to get make large changes in term of a daily wobble something will be seen using this approach.  I think it is worth doing.
  • Ports Tide history increasing deviation from history. Easy to do on-line.
  • Sun dial disk angle of shadow during the day.  Usually can’t be measured accurate enough.
  • Protractor, surveying instrument angle of sun at solar noon and sunset compared to what it should be.
  • Weather wobbles cycle measurements. A tough one to prove.
  • Telescopic objects (stars, planets, etc) angle measurements compared to where they should be.
  • Tracking the movement of the magnetic pole with respect to surface. No good measuring instruments are available to the common person.

Note: The tide history of various ports becomes an easy to check on-line Earth Wobble Indicator.  This is recommended at this time to start keeping an eye on this.  Especially if the weather persons starts reporting king tides.

If the measured (red) tide height maximum goes above 40 ft and continues to rise then I think we have a probable ET induced or pre-pole-shift earth wobble.  This depending on how close to pole shift time it occurs.  Anchorage Alaska port was chosen for the current large high tides.  Further south it is much lower.  7 feet max near California.

Red is measured.  Blue is predicted. Green is verified.  One month is the maximum history that can be displayed at one time.  In the past years the tide maximum history shows below 40 feet.

One could bookmark this site and check regularly updating the date ranges.

If needed copy the above link into a web browser.

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