How a Hiking GPS and 12V Adaptor may predict a Pole Shift

One may use a Hiking GPS and 12V Adaptor to help predict the approach of the Pole Shift Time. It can be used as an additional confirmation of an approaching PS, and it can be done and measured by anyone with a GPS that measures trip distance.

The trip distance can be measured over some time, say 24 hr at a time. One can do this without moving or touching the GPS. Essentially this would be measuring the daily earth wobble and accuracy, degradation in radio communications from the GPS satellite. In other words, if the trip taken each day by this stationary GPS sitting on earth gets longer and longer, then one or more of the following would be happening.

The earth is increasingly moving under the satellite, and the regular update corrections sent from the reference ground stations to the geostationary satellite are not keeping up with the changes in the earth’s actual position. The bottom line is this means more earth movement per day. Radio communications are degrading between satellite and your GPS receiver.

This could be due to increased electromagnetic disturbances due to the approaching PX and the churning of the earth’s core, or it could be due to several satellites losing power or being unable to correct themselves. Either way, you know something is up.

As more and more debris comes in, they will knock out some of the satellites, and this will decrease accuracy and thus increase daily trip distance. Bottom line, if one log daily trip distance traveled and it is getting more and more, then it is time to take the coming of the Pole Shift seriously. One could use a cheap hiking GPS like the “GARMIN e-Trex H” and a 12V adaptor for charging. Most hiker GPSs can be put in a trip mode that measures distance. The measurement can be done at any place on the earth.

So one can continue the  measurements after moving to their chosen safe location. The accuracy may change due to the new site, but the trend toward longer and longer trip distances for successive days would still be observed. It would be expected to be an exponential trend, with the last weeks and days being the worst.

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