How to do a No Cost Preparation

One needs to ask ones self:  What can be done at no cost to prepare for the coming pole shift? The following is some ideas along this line. Add to it as you see more options.

The best answer is: Lots of planning and prioritization. Plan and decide now what one will do, now before the shit hits the fan, and every one is rushing to and fro in emergency with no plan.  Planning means calmly looking at options and determining what is the best sequence of events.  One is doing an extended think — a what if — type of mock up of the future.

Specific possible actions:

1)    Read enough of Zetatalk to understand what is likely to happen during and after the pole shift.

2)    Look at what ones options are with respect to possible bug out locations. Look for a safe place to go to, during the last weeks.  Prioritize and/or decide which is best after looking them up on Zetatalk safe locations to see what will happen during the pole shift.

3)    Make a list of what one would pick up and take with one, if one were to leave by plane, car, or on foot. Plan which method of travel is best. Prioritize the list. Look at published bug-out lists to get more ideas.

4)    Look at the option of shipping some things to the safe location weeks before leaving. Cost and how to ship it?   Who will receive it?  When to contact them?

5)    Make a list of what one could purchase that would be helpful. Reorder the list so at the top is those items that would be most useful within a cost range that one could possible afford in the future.  This would be when it becomes a survival priority over other items.  At this point be as practical as one can be.

6)    Save off-line, on a thumb drive, valuable after pole shift survival information. For example selected parts of

7)    Now rest,,,, and from time to time cycle back though this list.

8)    On a weekly basis keep up with the Zetatalk news.  This is so one is informed of how close it is to pole shift time.  Bookmark the following two links.

9)    As the pole shift nears, execute your plans.  Good luck to all of us —–

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