How to Search eBay for useful Pole Shift Survival Items

ebay keyword search strings for usefully PS survival items.
Sort by “lowest cost + shipping”

Some “Digital compass” can also be used as a dip needle compass to help determine approximate latitude. Some have altimeter and temperature measurement which could be handy also. I like the small hang around the neck type.

“Whistle 3 in 1” has thermometer, compass and whistle in one. Sells for around 1$. Quite usefully for hiking. For grow and or site lighting – Flexible strip lighting in 5 meter rolls – search for the following

“smd 5m 600 white waterproof -non-waterproof” I think this is a bit better.
“smd 5m 300 white waterproof -non-waterproof”

White and a bit of red seems to be the most cost effective and light efficient for grow lights. SMD LEDs are much better to use for all lighting than the older type.

To find power supplies that run off 120V AC for this strip lighting search for:
“12v dc power supply 10a”
“12v dc power supply 15a”
“12v dc power supply 30a” depending on sizes need.

For controlling the brightness of the strip search for:
“DC light Dimmer”

I like the one called: Wireless RF Remote Dimmer DC 12V-24V.

This one is my second choice: DC 12V-24V 8A Light Dimmer

Small rechargeable low self discharge (LSD) Batteries:

Another good source is:
Best source I have found so far is EMB battery at:
And for AAA

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