Useful Items to have at hand in the event of a Pole Shift

Some thoughts on useful items to have at hand for after the pole shift. Somewhat listed in order of usefulness and priority. Make your own list. Use this and other lists to give you an idea of what is important to you.

Back pack and ones own list of bug out items obtained and stored in the pack. There are lots of list to give an idea of what others think are important.

Remote located shelter or bug out location with any maps needed on how to get their.

Tent and sleeping bag and cooking equipment.

Water purification: Non-powered gravity feed, or hand operated.

Non-hybrid, non-gmo vegetable and medicinal seeds of all kinds. After the pole shift this has more worth than its weight in gold.

Hand Gardening equipment to include but not limited to shovel, pick, loppers, hoe and rake.

Some small amount of stored food and water without rising attention of locals about hording or preparing.

Harbor freight tools – back light digital volt meter about $7.00 for measuring voltage of all the kinds of batteries one will run into.

Rechargeable “Low Self Discharge” NiMH cells of the AA, AAA, and 9 volt sizes and a charger that runs on 12 volt DC. Use these sizes as a standard for all your smaller electronic devices like LEDs flashlights, etc.

LED lighting of all kinds, and uses that make sense.

Lux light intensity meter that measures down to .01 Lux. For determining when planting seeds would be successful and many other uses.

Down loaded files from this site put on a thumb drive.

Generator, fuel, battery bank, and full sine wave inverter.

Duplicates of breakable or losable type items.

Greater depth into each survival subject.

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