When is the Next Pole Shift?

Welcome to the frustrations we all share. The past predictions were wrong again, why should anyone trust further human analysis and indication of probable dates. One shouldn’t — one should always do ones own analysis. We share our analysis in case it helps as a starting point in this direction. Many of us know Planet X (PX) is coming, we see many signs of this, and we just don’t have any good observational data to base its arrival date on. The following is the latest analysis and is based on human analysis of the few date dependent Zeta clues over the last two decades found on zetatalk.com. If usefully use it. Hopefully, we have learned from our past mistakes. In the end consult your own knowing and what rings true for you in all cases.

Summary of Time dependent Zeta Clues – prioritized – most important first.

Update on PS Date Determination July 2013

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