Choosing A Survival Shelter Location

A valuable outdoor survival skill is knowing how to build a shelter. Your survival needs to know the proper techniques to make a shelter that will allow for adequate sleep and rest while protecting from the elements. The environment’s climate plays a significant role in the need for shelter. Many individuals can only survive several … Read more

Building A Lean-To Shelter For Outdoor Survival

If you are stranded in the wilderness in an emergency, you must tap into your wilderness survival skills. Building a shelter is very important to survival in such situations, and people can only last a short while amidst extreme weather conditions without protection. To be adequately prepared for an emergency, you should master the outdoor … Read more

Igloo Building for Dummies and Newbies

Picture of How to Find Natural Shelters For Wilderness Survival under Shelters in Wilderness Survival Skills

What’s An Igloo? The Inuit Indians or Eskimos developed the Igloo. It was a semi-permanent shelter often built on the edge of the pack ice to shelter hunters for the hunting season (anywhere from 3 to 6 months out of the year). It was usually built with ice blocks using a saw. Therefore, it’s not … Read more

Tarp Shelters

Tarp Shelters are the quickest and easiest way to make a shelter. This means savings of energy and/or calories, which we all know are key factors in any survival situation. If you can carry one with you, you can’t beat the convenience. Now, what’s the key to these shelters? Well, you should still follow the … Read more

Downed Log Wilderness Survival Shelter

Downed Log Wilderness Survival Shelter Here’s a Dubree hut that we built over a downed log. What a great wilderness survival shelter using what you find (i.e., a downed log). Step 1 – Lay a couple of long poles across the downed log. Then start laying branches across the poles like an A-Frame. Step 2 – Finish … Read more

Examples of Dubree Huts in 2 Different Climates

Example 1 – Here’s a Dubree hut in an area of Ponderosa Pine and grass (a little drier of an area). This student was a technical guy, and I think a computer programmer. Look at the precision of his framework (it doesn’t have to look that nice). In this area, there weren’t a lot of pine … Read more

Lean-to Dubree Hut 2

What if you don’t have something to lean against? Here’s a good Dubree hut using the lean-to design while making your own wall to lean against. Step 1 – Find a good spot with plenty of material, and then take a rock and pound in some stakes to hold the logs. Step 2 – Lay thick branches … Read more

Lean-to Dubree Hut

Here’s a good Dubree hut using the lean-to design. Step 1 – Find a good spot with plenty of material. Notice how there’s a nice natural “V” shape notch between these trees to pile some logs for the backside of the lean-to. Step 2 – Lay logs or lean them against the wall you made. Step 3 – … Read more

Dubree Hut Step-by-Step Construction 2

1. Step One – Locate a good spot. Seeing how there weren’t very many trees around, here’s an area with logs and a few sticks to use as a frame and bark for the roofing. 2. Step Two – Build the frame. Logs make a good main frame, and the sticks fill the rest. It’s hard to … Read more