Wilderness Survival Tips to Help You Get Through

Always be prepared, especially if you are planning a trip into the great unknown. In the case of a prepared trip into the wilderness, most people undertake a great deal of preliminary work, but sometimes an innocent traveler can take the wrong turn, during bad weather, for example, become disorientated and end up lost. In these cases, they could end up in need of some wilderness survival tips.

When you find yourself in a threatening position or maybe lost in the outback, the US Army recommends that you remember the words of an appropriately named moniker — survival. This memory device should be firmly implanted in your mind.

When you are looking for wilderness survival tips, just think of the word ” survival.
S – stands for a size up your situation.
U – stands for use all your senses.
R – stands for remembering where you are.
V – stands for vanquishing fear and panic.
I – stands for improvising.
V – stands for value living.
A – stands for an act like the natives.
L – stands for life by your wits, but for now, learn basic skills.

The US Army and other specialists give us many wilderness survival tips, amongst these being to size up your situation. Look at your current condition, don’t panic, and assess what tools you might have to help you out in your immediate surroundings. Once you have completed this step, you will be able to go on to the next.

Real adventures are never far away when it comes to living in a diverse country such as the United States. The rugged and remote countryside is often close to major cities. For example, in California, the Angeles National Forest is only a few short miles away from the sprawling city of Los Angeles. It is possible to access the forests within minutes from this vast conurbation. It should come as no surprise that people find themselves in trouble, lost in the outdoors, and in need of wilderness survival tips.

“Live by your wits” is a wilderness survival tip given to us by the Army. This may be difficult for some, who are used to living a pampered life, but you can find a lot of online resources to help you learn. The Internet gives us a lot of information, tips and tricks, and ways to help you train yourself to deal with unexpected conditions.

Should you find yourself lost in the wilderness or immobilized when hiking, it is important not to panic. Plan wisely and value living. You should assess the situation and understand that you might be in the position for the long haul. If you plan correctly, you can make sure that you do not subject yourself to knee-jerk reactions.

Even if the situation should appear to be impossible, a healthy dose of common sense, some research, adequate planning, and application of the wilderness survival tips given to us by the US Army and others will enable us to take advantage of our raw survival instinct.

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