Human-Powered Machines

Treadle Washing Machine
A human-powered washing machine is much cheaper than an electrically operated machine. My design uses a box that is 38 by 38 by 61 cm (15 x 15 x 24 in.), made from thick galvanized iron sheet. On the ouside of the box, there is a 15 cm (6 in.) diameter aluminum pulley that is belted to the pulley on the sewing machine base. On the inside of the box, there is a 15 cm (6 in.) diameter fiberglass wheel. The inside wheel is made with a curvature that facilitates centrifugal motion.

The whole setup is mounted on the pedaling table of a treadle sewing machine. There is an opening with a cover on the top of the box to put in soap powder, water, and clothes. At the bottom of the box, there is a pipe that allows users to drain the used water. The upper portion and the sides of the machine are painted black. When the unit is placed in sunlight, it absorbs heat that can be used to warm the water for cleaning

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